Tuesday, March 31, 2015



so here I am, in my bed. Tomorrow is the day that I am going back home. I have not seen him for over a month and I am not sure what to expect. He can't pick me up at the airport (not his fault) and it seems weird, I was so excited for that! On the other hand I can't want to get home, to hug him and to feel close to someone. 
Despite the fact that I miss him like crazy and I can't wait to see him, I feel that the distance left it's impact on me. We both been kind of moody lately. We are all just people in need to feel close to someone. I can't wait to be in his arms, to feel the warmth of his body and touch of his lips.

This is the longest time we've been apart and luckily it is the only time (at least I hope so). From now on everything will be batter. 

The other subject I was going to talk about is fantasy. He is a person who normally wants things he can't have. Then on the other hand sometimes he get some things and it is just frustrating for him. Upside down.   

Here are some examples:

1) We would be at the train station and he would saw a girl wearing pantyhose and whisper to me: "I would lick her feet." Normally I would just roll my eyes and say whatever but borders are blurry. I know that my legs are not perfect and that many girls have much nicer legs and all that. And I also know that I am amazing as a person (inside and out) and that everything is just fantasy but sometimes it just makes me feel that he wants something else. I also know that it is just in my head. 

2) He has this fantasies about chastity and denial but when I do it with him he just get so frustrated and kind of upset. The same it goes with home chores, I tell him to clean the floor and after he is frustrated about it. He often says: be careful what you wish for. 

Sometimes it get kind of mixed all together and for me as a dominant woman and as someone who needs to control things I will just have to learn how to deal with him at those points in the way that I can benefit from. I am still evolving in that regard. I am a smart girl and I will master it soon. :)

That would be it for today, looking forward to tomorrow and for my way home. Can't wait to see him! 




  1. I feel he wants to top from the bottom and you need to take control of that. He wants chastity and denial but then gets upset. He wants chores then gets upset. Who is really the dominate one? If YOU want something and it upsets him then give him a reason to be upset. Have him strip get a belt or paddle or wooden spoon and see how many different positions you can spank him in. He is screaming in his own way for you to really take control do it.

  2. I hope you and slave have a wonderful time together, Miss Georgina.

    Just keep being that wise, deserving Queen that you are, and you'll be fine. Slave should know that from now on, you are the only object of his fantasies.

    Take care,


  3. A big turning point for us is when I really "got" how much "topping from the bottom" undermined her comfort with dominating me. I struggle with this quite a bit, it is a fine line. I feel closer to her when I share my fantasies but she take the side that OK, well that's something that I am not going to do because he wants it.

    Chastity and being denied is something that really turns me on, but without the teasing, it does get me frustrated. For it to be a turnon for me, I need her to affirm that it turns her on, that she likes the control (and, if I am locked, various key/lock references really help!). In fact, I wish I were locked more often, but I don't really like being locked at work, just during playtime.

    Enjoy your reunion,

  4. I think it's easier for me because the housework is inevitable anyway - she's the primary breadwinner. At least this way it's an adventure. Do you use a demerit system? It helps because it defers discipline until a good moment. but is still concrete.