Wednesday, March 25, 2015

10 days time

Hi everyone,

Here we are! The start of the 10 day non touching "challenge" for him. 
Yes, I am happy. I was really looking forward to this time. He already started with complains that he is horny and that I should not tease him. It is only a day one, cmon! 
I am really willing to push on this one as hard as I can and I am really curious what will happen. I know that he is going to try to manipulate with me and use all of his "tricks" to convince me otherwise. Not going to work!
As you can see from my past posts he already broke the non touching rule and I really hope he won't do it this time as well. I know it will get really hard for him at some point and he will get really frustrated but he needs to learn and obey my rules! There is nothing that can be discussed about it. 

My projections for this 10 days are:

day 1: he will mention it 
day 2: he will talk about it and complain
day 3: he will really want to do it because it will be Friday and he will have nothing* to do 
day 4: he will be desperate and this is probably the right time to use the chastity (weekends are the worst for him)
day 5: it will be all about it, he will complain about the chastity and how it is not comfortable and how is poking him while he sleeps and bla bla bla
days 6-10: read the day 5 and multiply it by 2 each day 

The funniest this he did today was asking me if I am going to touch myself. And I said that I have period and that I don't feel like it at this part of the month. And then he asked about the time after my period and before I get back home and I said that I don't know because I don't plan it that far in advance. The funny part that he said was: "Oh, if you are going to do it, I am going to do it as well." I just laughed and did not say much and did not try to convince otherwise. Not worth the effort. 

*About that nothing up there. I made him a long, long list about all the things he has to do before I get home. And I am keep adding things, so no worries he has plenty to do!

I was ready to got to sleep, (in my pantyhose and top, of course) already in my bed when I got a really big wish to wear my new pair of heels. So I got up, put them on and just walked around a little bit and now I am still wearing them, sitting on my bed and writing this. I can't help myself but I really like to see my nylon covered feet in heels. I was just thinking about one amazing experience that I had with my slave when I put some bread in my high heel and wear it for hours and then make him eat it and scrape it from the bottom of my feet with his teeth. That was really amazing and I can't wait to do it again. 

I will try to post every day and tell you more about the 10 days project that I am so excited about. 

Good night and nice dreams. And all of you foot slave out there, don't forget to smell your Goddess feet before bed and tell her that she is absolutely amazing, the bare minimum that you can do!


  1. Hi Georgina,

    I just now came upon your blog and am looking forward to getting all caught up by reading all of your posts. IN the meantime I just wanted to say hi and to introduce myself. Blogs authored by Dominant women are especially exciting. Thank you for taking the time to put your words and descriptions of things on your mind and in your life here.


    1. I really like to talk about my experiences as I know it might help someone.