Thursday, March 19, 2015

Tomorrow is THE day

Hi :)

I forgot to mention earlier this week that for tomorrow we have scheduled one very important meeting that could change the course of our lives in a completely new direction. 

I am sitting in my living room after my not so busy day and I was thinking (yes, these days I have a lot of time in my hand)... You know that moment when you decide to step into 24/7 relationship and you think to yourself, yeah this is it, I got this, I will control it and he is submitting to me... 
Well, we were always saying that he would follow me around and that in this point in our lives the career is not first thing and we will try to find that balance... Well everything has changed, not for batter or for worse it is just different. 

At some point he is like, you are the most important and we have family together and all the other things don't matter. Lately, I don't really feel like it. He knows it and I am sure we'll be able to find the balance we are looking for.

Anyway, after tomorrow everything could change and we would have to adapt our lives to it. Completely change our plans and start from scratch. He has an AMAZING career and I am just starting with mine (well here is our age difference of 10 years, but that is just a number anyway). Don't get this wrong, I am impressed by his career and the way he does things but for me it is also a matter of priority.

Right now I'm just realizing all the contradictions from our conversations that we have in the last month. A lot of things have happened in a very short time and it is overwhelming sometimes. Most importantly right now is that we stick together and proceed with the plan. "The plan", whatever that is. And yes, I am a control freak and everything needs to be planed and figured out in advance and I am freaking our if it is not. And currently it is not! So I am wondering around in the darkness of my mind. I've been living my whole life without knowing what tomorrow holds and I don't want to proceed with it. We need to figure it out, soon. I want to be in control of the course of my life and currently I am not and I don't like it.
Today we both agreed 100000000% that we want to be in a relationship and that it no longer be long distance. 

Regardless to that, I really miss my dirtiness with him, I miss sessions; I might be Mistress, Domme etc., but I am definitely one guy girl. I could not see myself with other men who would love to lick my feet, and want me to touch their dicks, nope, not my style. 
I am not going to say that I did not try to have non-touching interactions with other slave (that he knew about) and it was good, I "beat the shit" out of him and that was it. It was fulfilling and satisfying but not even close to the same satisfaction that I have with my slave and his dick, spanking etc. 

Anyway, that is it for today, will post more tomorrow when I will know more about that big meeting that is going to occur.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to ask or say. :)

Nice day.


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