Sunday, March 29, 2015

Keeping him busy

Hello everyone, 

it is Sunday and only 3 days left until we will see each other. 

I am keeping him busy as I know he is very horny and he has a very hard time keeping it together (he is not showing it as much as normally, but I know him well). I just want him to feel my presence even if I am not there, yet. 

Yesterday he cut the grass and that took him basically the whole day since our yard is huge. Also he was busy with that unpleasant even that brought me home sooner. Everything has it's own pluses and minuses. 

Today he is doing things around the house. I just received a picture of a freshly cleaned stove. I think he is also organizing things around my closed (even though there was no direct instruction to do so) which is very good. 

In the previous days he cleaned the floor, dusted the corners and washed the sheets. That is all good. The things he has to do now are: organize my night stand which has all the toys, ropes and lubes in it, put fresh towels in my bathroom and some other little things. 

There are some things that he can't do due to that event but I added on one thing; which is making an appointment in the salon for me (good slave).

On his list of things to do I drew a picture of him on his knees giving me all his cards and kissing my feet. I am sure he knows that I want that to happen in real life as well; actually I want that to be one of the first things to happen when I get back. 

He said several time that he knows that I want everything to be perfect, so lets see what he can do! One time he was complaining that he does thing and then I get home and I criticize about his work and I am unhappy. My response was: DO IT BETTER NEXT TIME and I will have nothing to complain about.  
I don't think that I  have ever gave him a really big punishment about his work (that must be the reason why he does it badly...) because normally I miss him very much and I just want to use his body and punishment comes later (too late). I know that is wrong and that I should do it but still.. Eventually, I know I will. It will be much easier when we live together (which will be very soon). 

I am also getting really really horny and I can't wait for him to give me my big orgasm and to rub my feet after while we watch the movie or something... I just want to feel his naked body and hard dick in my hand while I have my amazing orgasm. 

Also, his been really good considering the fact that he is really horny. I think that is because he knows I would lock him in chastity. So far I didn't but who knows... 3 days... hmm... 

That is that for today. Will definitely keep you posted and I can't wait to report about our reunion (I already packed my suitcase). :)




  1. I love this post, Miss Georgina. The energy and passion that you and slave have for each other is wonderful and inspiring. I’m sure slave appreciates the time and attention you invest in his activities. Slave is a very lucky man with the way you command him to bring you pleasure. I’m looking forward to reading your other posts!

    Best wishes,


    1. I am glad you liked it. Yes, you are right; we really have very special connection. Rare to be found.