Sunday, April 5, 2015



uh, well after my flight got all screwed up, delayed and missed connection I got home 6 hours later than expected. Midnight. Tired and exhausted and just happy to be home. Ugh, not as planned at all and it also got my off the tract.

My planes changed and I just wanted to go to sleep. Well it did not happen either.

He surprised me and lock HIMSELF in chastity and that totally turned me on and I just wanted to feel his hard dick inside me. Too tired for any real play I just teased him a little bit with my mouth and make him beg me to unlock him. I really wanted his dick inside me. It's been so long since the last time I had dick inside my pussy that it was just a pure need for that.

After approximately 10 min of teasing and kissing, sitting on top of him I unlocked him and make him fuck me really hard. It was amazing, his dick inside my pussy just feels right, and it felt right last night. Of course he was not allowed to cum without approval and I have myself 3 orgasms with hitachi vibrator while he was fucking me. At the end he came as well.
There was really not much action going not. Some lighter sniffing and worshipping but that was it. I was too tired.

However, today I had some time to go throught the house and I found some big mistakes... His definition of "perfect" is not the same as mine. That is for sure.

I started typing this post last night but didn't finish it because I was just too tired. 

I teased him a lot last night and gave myself an amazing orgasm and left him with nothing. I told him that he has to deserve it. And in order to do that he had to make me breakfast and bring it to bed; which he did and it was very good. I give him credit for that. He cleaned after me as well. 

After breakfast I hang cuffed him and played with his dick. Sucking it with my mouth and giving him a magic tunnel. He was totally under my spell, shivering from excitement and just wanted to cum sooooo badly. I let him. It was amazing to watch his cum squirting from his dick while I was holding it with my both hands. Just amazing. 

In the afternoon we had some chores to do and after I decided to use his dick. I am one of those women who really love the feeling of his dick in my mouth. I was sucking and licking his thing for a long time in the afternoon and just enjoyed his dick that I missed for so long. It is like his dick was made for my mouth. It fits so perfectly! I let him cum again. 

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is time for some discipline. I also miss seeing mark on his body and also time for some real play.

Will definitely keep you posted. 



P.S.: Thanks for all of your comments. Love reading them. :)

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