Sunday, April 5, 2015


Hi everyone,

So here we are. In the bed with him sleeping by my side. I just don't feel tired but he is. 

Saturday was kind of easy. We went to Ikea to get some new furniture and we didn't do much. I really wanted to do more session type stuff but there is just a lot that I missed since I've been away and I just wanted to do some general bonding. We were cuddling a lot and just being with each other. 

Before bad on Saturday I put him in "the position" where he is on his all fours with his ass sticking up in the air. I have full access to his dick from behind and he has no control over it. That is definitely one of my favorite positions for him. 
Normally, I would lock his wrists, put collar around his neck and leash him but that nigh I didn't see/feel the need. I started pulling on his dick and that is absolutely amazing for him. I teased him for a long time. Brought him almost to the orgasm and then stop. So frustrating for him but so fulfilling for me. At the end I let him cum. I enjoy watching his sperm squirting from his dick.

Today we're such a lazy day, ester Sunday, we are not religious so we didn't do much. Just had really really lazy day. He paid some bills and washed the kitchen floor but that was about it.

I was preparing some lunch today and I band over and he said: "I wish I could fuck you right now." I just felt I big need for his dick inside me. And said: "let's just go upstairs!" I ran upstairs and he followed me, lift my skirt, pull down my pantyhose and he smelled my feet and we are ready to rock.
He put his dick inside me and started fucking me, it was so good and I really enjoyed our fuck. He is just amazing. We changed positions and he started fucking me from behind, I got my vibrator and I came fast and hard while he was fucking me. He continued fucking me from behind and after a few minutes I came again. It was amazing. I rolled over one more time and he fucked me until he came inside me.
It was just an amazing apatizer for our lunch that got moved by fair amount of time. 

The rest of the day was just hugging and cuddling on the sofa. I think the we both needed some really nice bonding. We laughed a lot and just had fun with each other. He is the best. 




  1. You both had a fantastic day. A good fuck in different positions a few climaxes then cuddling and bonding. Great way to spend the day. When my wife says display (same as your position) I get on my knees and elbows. Great position for her to milk me and even peg me while she milks me.

  2. Hi archedone,

    thanks for your comment. I think we all enjoy the position (display) type things. It gives really good exposure for all the important parts.