Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lack of submission


well, truth to be told there is not much that is going on regarding me and my slave.
He can touch himself without my confirmation and I can tell he is doing that often. We are not talking about it, it became some sort of a "taboo" topic. :(
Lately there have not been a lot of moments of his true submission to me, especially not days. Despite the fact that I have been sending him pictures of me wearing stockings and so on.

It is true that we are both busy but I just really miss the feeling of his devoted submission to me and to me only

You all know that I am obsessed with wearing stockings, pantyhose and all of other hosiery related items (also love knee high socks) and that is why I/we have decided to open a business with pantyhose in USA. So far it was great just a lot of work. This project that we started was slowly developing and now we are finally finishing it.

I will finally have a business that I am really passion about and that I really love doing. I mean of course we are talking about pantyhose that I am wearing every day anyway. Would love to have a my slave next to me every day to clean them after work along with my feet. 

This is it for now, I won't see my slave till mid December, so for now I will just have to suck it up even though I hate it.


Boss G.  

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