Friday, November 7, 2014



so here I am, back to my life without my slave. I guess it would be nice to give you some updates about my trip back to our house.
Well things did not go as expected, I wanted house to be perfect for me and it was not. In my bathroom I did not even have towels waiting to me, I was really shocked.
Than my toys was not  organized in any way. And I do not even want to start with kitchen, I spent the whole next morning cleaning it, for myself, I just can't stand it being dirty (he was working on our project that we are doing). How bizarre! He did not even vacuum the rug in our bedroom. The bath tub in my bathroom still had some mud in it because he was cleaning something. Very poor. 

I am not sure what happened, I asked him several times if he did all that I demanded and he said yes. 
Did he stop trying? Is that all because we do not live together any more? 
So many unanswered questions...
I just know that things are getting harder, and things are getting out of control and I hate it. 
I am a control freak, that is why I am Mistress but some things just can't be controlled and it is very frustrating.
I guess that is because I can't punish him right away, and he is being such a baby about the whole whipping thing. He always says he hates it but never trys to do things right to avoid it. So stupid.  
On the other hand some things were fine when I got there, sheets were clean, shoes were organized and floor was clean. But there were more things wrong than right. But I am not willing to lower my standards! I deserve all the best and all to be perfect.

My staying there was very nice though, we had some nice dinners outside, good play time and I even took some photos of us playing. Amazing! I am very happy with them. 

We are doing some new project that are taking some of spare time but now we have to suck it up and wait until they are finished. We are both want it to be perfect.

Another thing I would like to mention is I am controlling his orgasms and he asked me if he can cum freely now that I no longer live with him. What does he mean? He is fucking owned by me! He is my pathetic slave. He should do whatever to make me happy at any time.

I know there is a lot to blame it on me as well, I am not being consistent with punishment. 

I don't know what future holds for us but I just know it is going to be hard and it is already very frustrating for me. 

That is all for today, kind of a messy post, all together but I just needed to let it out and I am sure I will be able to give you some explanations when I will be in a better place.  

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