Saturday, October 25, 2014

Being away

Hi to everyone

I am sure you can all see that I am not a native English speaker and even though I am trying to make my English perfect sometime it is just too obvious. The point I am trying to make is that he is a native speaker and sometimes we have some differences with the whole language thing. Now that I no longer live with him (and also do not speak English on a daily bases) differences occur even more often and sometimes we get frustrated.
I really miss playing with him whenever I want and I really miss that I do not have him to serve me. I also miss that my shoes are not clean all the time, clothes not washed and so on...
I am going back to our house for a couple of days next week for the first time since I moved out. Of course I told him to make everything perfect. I already have the whole scenario in my head for what do I want to do with him and to him. Of course everything starts with him doing all the chores I made him do. Basically the house has to be spotless, my shoes (that are still there) should be clean and organized. The dinner should be ready and I am sure he knows he will spend a lot of time on his knees.

He still has his chastity Fridays and so far he has been very good. This Friday he even surprised me with very pathetic picture (smelling my shoes, naked and in chastity doing his 5 min. time off). I was really surprised and happy with him, this only means that the training works. Oh and just a quick explanation about his 5 min time off. Every day after work when he gets home he hast to take off his clothes, kneel next to the bed and spend 5 minutes on his knees to remind him of his place and where he belongs to. He is not allowed to talk and sometimes he has to take my shoes and put his nose deep inside them and just smell them for the whole time off.

Since I am gone and out of our house a couple of the times he has been really bad and did not behave the way he should and he needs to be punished!!! I can't wait to use my ridding whip on his ass, put on his collar and leash and make him follow me around the house; naked and with hard dick...
I am also looking forward to breakfast in bed and while I am enjoying my meal he will be kneeling next to the bed, waiting for me to finish to clean up the dishes...
Oh and of course he is not allowed to cum for a whole week until I get there! I am sure there will be some begging but I am also sure he knows I want him to be really submissive when I get back home.

Anyway, I can't wait to write about all the things I have planned for the end of the week with my pathetic slave. I also have to say that I have been very proud of him lately and he behaved really well! I don't know if I am so lucky to have a slave who is so easy to train or it is something else. I am so happy that we both share the same fetishes and that he loves to smell, lick and suck my feet till they are clean.
Either way I am very happy to have such a great slave in my life who would do anything to make me happy and who is very happy to serve me.

Boss Georgina

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