Sunday, September 21, 2014


Hi everyone,

Here we go, he is traveling again and this time is for a full week. I believe he is going to behave this time. Unfortunately the chastity device did not make on time. He must of missed by one day (which he is really happy about) and I am upset about it. However he took his little dick collar with and I am sure I will make him wear it. He can't read this in the country his staying and currently we are in different time zones by 6 hours, so he is ahead of me and I am happy about it.
Sometimes I get really frustrated by all this traveling and I just feel he can't serve me as much as he should. His main role is to serve me and do absolute maximum to make and keep me content. Very soon he will be done with all this work trips and there will be more time for him to focus on his main role in his life - being a good slave. Also with all this business trips it is hard to make a standard routine for him.
On the bright side I can make house dirty so when he comes back he can immediately start with his chores and it puts him back to his place. To be pathetic and to do whatever I tell him to do. All though he gets really frustrated by this kind of things and he starts to complain a lot. I hate that! I am the Boss and he is here to serve me so it is not acceptable for him to complain if I leave some house work for him. I really need to start punishing him for that, I mean real punishment!!!!
I already made new bed regime; that means every night before bed he has to bring me a whip and ask for punishment and also count the hits. If he makes to much noise when I hit him that does not count and I start over.

So this is where we are now. I am looking forward to him coming back so he can serve me again.
If he will make some horrible decisions while traveling I will definitely keep you posted and it will give me more time to come up with a good punishment as well.

Boss Georgina