Thursday, September 18, 2014



so here we are, one day after his return from the business trip.
I cannot even tell you how disappointed I am about my pathetic slave!!! So let me give you a little bit of background. One day before his trip I allowed him to cum twice just to make sure he won't do anything stupid while travelling. After his second orgasm I made him wear his little dick collar (that pokes him every now and than, not a really big deal). In the evening that same night we had dinner with my friend and after we stopped in our house for some drinks. Apparently he had some stomach issues and spend some time on the toilet and of course removed the collar. At that point I kind of forgot that he was still wearing it but it does not matter. The big problem is that he never told me he removed it!!! The next day he went on a business trip and I saw the collar in the drawer. I immediately sent him a message saying how he dare removed it without asking me?! And what was his answer: Oh my stomach was hurting me. Of course I was not upset that he removed it because he felt sick, I was mad that he did not tell me about removing it and apologize for it!!!!
But that is far from the rest of disappointment I got from him. :(
His business trip was like Monday to Wednesday the same week so I would play with him on the evening he got back. As you can see in my previous post I was really excited for it and I was planning a very nice evening.
So on Monday when I found out that he removed his collar without telling me I sent him an email with all the things he has to do before he comes back. One of the things was also not to touch his dick if it is not absolutely necessary (like peeing for example). That same evening we got a little bit dirty talking on the phone and I was still very clear that he is not allowed to touch his dick! I told him the same thing before he left for the trip and we also have it in the contract. The next day was really stressful for me and a lot of unpleasant things happened. It was his last evening there and he decided to go for some drinks with his co-workers which is perfectly fine with me! I went to sleep before him and at 1 am I received a message that he jerked off the night before. Normally I would not even wake up but I had a truly bad day and I slept very lightly and saw the message. I was so upset, it was like the biggest disappointment I have ever received such a disappointment from him and I was so shocked that it has even happened. At first I was thinking that he is messing with me and try to make me laugh because of my bad day but NO it was the truth.
I felt really mad and upset. I was so angry. HOW CAN HE DO THAT?! It is not like I kept him in chastity for months.
It would be fine if he would break any other rule but really, that one?! It was the only rule that I was really strict about. And once again it is not so much of a problem that he did it, the biggest issue is that he did not even ask for it!!! If he would ask I am sure I would be able to convince him not to do it, that is to mean and that he will be home in one day. But no, he decided to be an idiot. It still makes me so upset even thinking about it. The next day I asked him if he did it on Tuesday as well and he said not and than I was like: "How can I believe you now? You broke the only rule I always asked you to follow." I felt so said and also betrayed in a way.
Before this whole thing happened he did not have chastity device but I immediately decided to get one! It is already in the way.

It was just horrible and we are still far from done with punishment!!!!


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